Mary Beth BeasleyPresident's Welcome Letter:

Dear PPS members,

I am truly honored to serve as PPS President for the 2017-2019 term.   It is humbling to follow in the footsteps of so many who have served as President since the inception of the PPS in 1995, with special mention of our first President Thomas V. Colby and founding members Bill Travis, Sam Hammar, Helmut Popper and Osamu Matsubara.  As with any society there have been some growing pains along the way, but each of the Presidents has contributed to the continued positive growth of the society and we are currently in a strong position.  It is my goal to continue this forward progress.

As we are all aware, medical knowledge is progressing at a rapid pace, and we are faced with an ever-expanding task of staying abreast of molecular, immunologic and other alterations which may direct treatment for pulmonary malignancies, and such knowledge is also extending into the realm of non-neoplastic diseases as well.   While such an increase in knowledge is exciting, staying abreast of the latest developments can be challenging.    One of the main goals of the PPS has always been to provide educational resources for its members.  With this in mind, I must give credit to our immediate past-President, Tim Allen, for having the foresight to formally develop a digital content committee which will enable us to meet the challenges of providing educational content to our members outside of the traditional meeting format.   I would like to thank Sinchita Roy-Chowdhuri and members of the digital content committee for their positive contributions to the website, and for their innovative plans for the future which will improve our overall educational offerings.   Additionally, I would like to thank Sanjay Mukhopadhyay and his team for their work on the excellent case of the month series.  Finally in this same regard I would like to especially thank and welcome back Don Guinee as PPS webmaster.   I invite you all to view their work on our updated website. 

I am additionally grateful to all of the current officers, councilors, committee chairs, committee members and many others who have devoted time from their already hectic schedules to contribute to the positive development of our society.  That being said, a society is only as strong as its membership, and I encourage all of you who wish to become more involved in the society, share ideas and/or offer suggestions to please feel free to contact me at any time.

Finally, I encourage all of you to attend our 2019 Biennial Meeting which will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia June 26-28, 2019, where we plan to have a wide ranging program featuring an international slate of expert speakers.  In addition to being a wonderful educational opportunity, it will be a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones in the setting of beautiful Dubrovnik! 
Again I am honored to serve as PPS President, and I appreciate the continued support of all of you.

Kindest regards,

President's Welcome letter

Mary Beth Beasley, MD
President, Pulmonary Pathology Society

December Case of the Month

An 81-year-old man presented with generalized weakness and recurrent episodes of melena. Physical examination revealed severe anemia and sensorimotor neuropathy. Upper GI endoscopy showed nodular infiltration of the gastric mucosa in the body and antrum. Peripheral blood smear showed normocytic to microcytic hypochromic RBCs. Serum electrophoresis was negative for an M band. Bone marrow examination showed a mild excess of plasma cells.

A gastric biopsy showed mucosal infiltration by eosinophilic amorphous material. Later in the course of the disease, the patient developed pleural effusion and was found to have mediastinal lymphadenopathy. EBUS TBNA from the lymph nodes was done (Figures1,2; Figure 1: Giemsa, Figure 2: Congo red). During his hospital stay, the patient developed septic shock with acute kidney injury and succumbed to his illness. Ventilator-associated pneumonia was suspected clinically and a post-mortem lung biopsy was performed (Figures 3-6; Figure 3,4: H&E, Figures 5-6: Congo red).

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