Update - Note new dates
2021 PPS Biennial Meeting
June 25-27, 2022

In collaboration with Association of Pulmonary Pathologists (APP)

* Due to the needs of the venue location and in light of the Covid 19 epidemic the dates of the PPS biennial meeting have been changed to
June 25 - 27, 2022.The meeting will be held at the same venue, Cork, Ireland . We expect a great meeting and look forward to seeing you then!

December Case of the Month

Clinical History: A 38-year-old man presented with progressive dyspnea. He was a sporadic smoker, who reported no significant past medical history. He worked in a shop, and had a parrot for more than 10 years. Three months prior to presentation, he developed dyspnea and was diagnosed with asthma, for which he began treatment, with clinical improvement. Two weeks prior to presentation, he complained of progressive dyspnea without wheezing associated with dry cough, and used bronchodilators again, this time without improvement. He also developed intermittent fever of up to 38ºC and sweating. A chest CT showed bilateral basal peripheral reticular opacities; which was interpreted as “cannot rule out interstitial pathology”. Five transbronchial cryobiopsies of different segments of the left lower lobe were performed, with a clinical differential diagnosis of “interstitial pneumopathy vs. atypical pneumonia”. Images of the biopsy findings are shown in figures 1-4.

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Selected Highlights of the 2019 Pulmonary Pathology Society Biennial Meeting Dubrovnik Croatia

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