PPS Travel Award

To further its goal of supporting collaboration, research and training in Pulmonary Pathology, awards are available to a limited number of individuals each year to defray some or all of the costs of travel to a meeting, training with a mentor, or ongoing collaborative study and research.

Although the application is available to all members, preference in the award of support is given to pathologists in training (residents and / or fellows) or pathologists early in their career.

Interested individuals should fill out a PPS travel award grant application and send it, along with a copy of their curriculum vitae to Dr. Anja Roden, Chair of the PPS awards committee at roden.anja@mayo.edu. The application and CV should be submitted at least 3 months prior to the research / sabbatical / conference commencement date. Notification of decision on awards will be sent by email (or by post if email is unavailable)

PPS travel award application (doc)


2020 PPS Lifetime Achievement Award
Professor Victor Roggli
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