Pulmonary Pathology Images:

This page allows members to share their collection of images or other materials with all PPS members. Please submit your link along with a brief description of your collection to secretary@pulmonarypath.org. Pending approval by the PPS council, links will be announced by email to the PPS membership and posted on the PPS website

Author: Yale Rosen, MD

Located  at www.flickr.com/photos/pulmonary_pathology: A large online collection containing  more than 2000 macroscopic and microscopic pulmonary pathology images that are potentially useful as a resource for teaching and other purposes. Images are organized in sets corresponding to a particular diagnosis and the sets are organized into collections. Each image is extensively tagged with keywords so it's easy to search for and locate a particular image or images. Unfortunately the IT departments at many institutions block access to the Flickr website and other photo sharing websites. If you are unable to access this site at your institution you will be able to access it on your personal computer, smartphone, iPad, etc

Atlas of granulomatous diseases located  at www.granuloma.homestead.com . This large image collection is mostly devoted to sarcoidosis and tuberculosis but also includes many other granulomatous diseases. The content is mostly relevant to pulmonary pathology.

Feedback on either of these two sites and/or contribution of high quality images would be appreciated. Please contact yrosen@optonline.net.

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